Perspective can be really corny. Or, maybe it’s the way someone who says they gained some perspective communicates to you how they arrived at the gaining of that perspective. You know, when that girl describes how she went to plant trees somewhere in BC and came back home to Vancouver/Toronto/whatever urban city and decided to get rid of her TV because being with nature “gave me perspective”? That kind of perspective, to me anyway, is not only corny but also really punch-me-in-the-face annoying.

That’s not to say however that there’s no validity to her point. When you don’t use something, like a tv, for that many months and find entertainment in other activities, I don’t doubt that it gives you perspective.
Or, when you’ve been irritated with a celebrity for a variety of reasons, and then become inundated by the relentless reporting on a reality twat who SHOULD NOT BE A CELEBRITY, Perspective can make an entrance then too.

After that Kardashian wedding this weekend, and all the f-cking coverage that has followed it since, I am now friends with Anne Hathaway again. That is my corny perspective.

Do you think PEOPLE would pay $2.5 million for Anne Hathaway’s wedding pictures? Anne Hathaway is a legitimate, versatile star. She has been nominated for an Oscar. Most people are convinced she will win one one day. I don’t have to defend the existence of Anne Hathaway. But Anne Hathaway would NOT be paid $2.5 million for her wedding pictures. She can barely open a movie at $2.5 million over the weekend. I mean, One Day might be a bad movie but are you telling me it’s worse than Keeping Up With The Sh-ts?

I guess this is my perspective. I may not love her accent, Yorkshire, English, American or not, but it can’t be worse than a high pitched whiny:

I want you to f-ck me until you come!

Which is, for real, the only line of dialogue I have ever actually heard - or paid attention to - from that Kardashian’s mouth while Ray J was nailing her in the back.


Here’s Anne with my handsome Jim Sturgess (who brought his girlfriend Mickey) last night at the UK premiere of One Day.

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