Hathaway and Hudson in Germany today to promote their epic fail Bride Wars, a film so sh-t even the chick flick fans, never the most discerning moviegoers, could barely be motivated to Woo Girl! their way to the cinema.

But Annie and Kate are nothing if not professionals. Promotion is promotion, so here they are their first stop in Europe in matching black and red lips too. Rachel Zoe must be working her bones off for Anne Hathaway right now. Between Bride Wars press and awards season – she’s expected at the SAGs next Sunday – every day it’s a new outfit.

Zoe also styles Hudson and as you can see, she seems to enjoying her leather skirt. I’m enjoying her amazing ass which was being enjoyed by Adam Scott in Hawaii last week. Hopefully it hasn’t flamed out already. Would be amazing to see Manslinger on the Tour.

Photos from Wenn.com