The first trailer for The Intern, starring Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro, written and directed by Nancy Meyers, was released yesterday. And my first impression is that…

This movie is manipulative!

Anyone who has an aging dad will be manipulated. Because how do you not watch this and not think of your dad? I think of my dad, I worry about my dad. All the time. I worry that the internet is too fast. That he keeps downloading viruses. That he keeps opening spam. That the world is just too overwhelming. I worry all the time that he’s out there, driving my ma back and forth from the hospital, increasingly confused by all the texts I keep sending him on a phone that he doesn’t f-cking understand. All I ever do now is worry. They’re getting old and we worry.

So, yeah, Robert De Niro? Interning at the movie version of Net-A-Porter? That’s dad. That’s me wanting to go to the intern job with dad so that people won’t be mean to him. So that he can keep up. So that he won’t get lost. It’s supposed to be a comedy but Christ Jesus how am I going to make it through this movie without sobbing? I’ve been manipulated.

And because I’ve been manipulated I have to feel bad about hating the scene in which Anne Hathaway, the boss, CRIES AT WORK.


Please don’t show me this. Please don’t do this. Because you know what else is manipulative?


PS. My dad ran a half marathon 2 weeks ago in 2:20. He’s 66. Check him out in his hilarious yellow shorts.