When Mimi was pregnant with twins, it was bleak. It was also bleak when she couldn’t find any butterfly snowflake false eyelashes. Mimi’s favourite word to describe any emotion less than ecstasy is “bleak”. Generally Mimi tries to avoid the bleak, and her life is structured so that she generally doesn’t have to encounter it, unless it’s beyond her control, like dembabies who tortured her so in utero. The only time Mimi can tolerate the bleak is if she thinks she might get an award nomination out of it, hence Precious.

Oh but never, never, never at Christmas.

There is no place for bleak at Christmas.

Especially if she’s not in the movie.

Mimi is not in either Django Unchained or Les Miserables. So it was left to Anne Hathaway and Samuel L Jackson to sad-off without her in this really good Funny Or Die. Sam’s smile off the top right when Annie says Merry Christmas keeps getting more hilarious to me. I love the way he delivers YOU LOSE YOUR JOB? I love their timing, and though they’re both helped by the fact that this sketch is edited, they play well off each other and the whole thing moves; I was surprised to see at the end that it’s 4 minutes long. Anne’s pretty cute when she’s trying not to laugh at Sam’s “Miss Annie did this and that” rant, non?

Attached -- Sam heading into the Late Show last week.