She was wearing one while shooting One Day in England – click here for a refresher. Sigh. One Day. And she’s Emma. She really is.

But either there’s a break from production or they’re done. Wouldn’t surprise me if they’re done. It didn’t need to be a super intensive technical shoot. Or it could be a promotional break too. Anne has to get going soon for Love & Other Drugs, just announced as the opening film of the 2010 AFI Fest.

Last night Anne was in New York at the afterparty for the Brazil Foundation Annual Gala. I can’t explain it but these, to me, are the best pictures I’ve seen of her, maybe ever. Her skin looks fresh and barely made up, she’s so pretty with her hair kind of lank around her face, and such warm happy eyes....

Is this a book bias? Do I like her more now because it’s transfer from One Day and Emma Morley? Sure. Whatever. I just do. A lot.

And one more thing for those of you who read it and loved it – we saw the pap photos of the kiss in Paris, but now there’s video (thanks Kate!).

Click here to see.

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