Anne at the Palm Springs Film Festival last night more gussied up than she was on Monday at the Bride Wars premiere but still in black, and serious, and elegant, and very not frivolous despite the exceedingly frivolous and insipid and dumbassness of her new film opening this weekend Bride Wars. Maybe that’s the point. Maybe that’s why she looks a little stressed.

Another one of Kate Hudson’s chick flicks. Because all girls want to get married and will cut a bitch for the perfect off-white dress. Ugh.

My friend Michelle mentioned this yesterday – will Bride Wars become Anne Hathaway’s Norbit?

You remember Norbit?

Eddie Murphy was supposedly a lock for Best Supporting Actor (Dreamgirls) a couple of years ago. And one of the reasons he eventually lost is because Academy voters were confronted with the Norbit ads right outside the Kodak theatre – Eddie following up a killer performance with yet another insulting, fat-suit movie…

They were not impressed. And as you know, he lost to Alan Arkin.

So here’s Anne Hathaway, fresh off an impressive turn in Rachel Getting Married that’s put her in the running for Best Actress. But as the Academy is prepping its nominations, due to be announced on January 22nd, the most recent memory they’ll have is the image of Anne trying to rip Kate Hudson’s tits off because they both want the same icing on a wedding cake.

Sure, it’s not as severe of an affront as Eddie’s Norbit, and Anne is certainly more popular and appealing, but you have to admit, the timing isn’t ideal no matter how Bride Wars fares at the box office.

8 ladies are in a tight race for 5 spots for Best Actress nominations. Am definitely pulling for Anne but seriously, next time take a pass from a Kate Hudson vehicle. It’s always the same movie.

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