Quite possibly the best Anne Hathaway ever. LOOOVE this dress. If it’s actually Marchesa I’ll be suitably impressed. She looks lovely in purple, non? And the hair and the styling, all first class. All keeping the squirrel features squirrel features at bay, though I’m not mad about the bedazzling of the shoes. Do you like shoe bedazzling? I always think it looks… old.

Anne has been tight with Georgina Chapman and Harvey Weinstein lately. Word around town is that she’s his new favourite, having tried and failed with Sienna and the Alba Bitch. There is however some consternation about their growing affection, particularly because Harvey and her entrepreneurial and allegedly questionably ethical boyfriend Raffaelo Follieri have supposedly been thick as thieves. Rumour has it, some on Anne’s team don’t want her to get caught as a pawn in a business deal that ends up going sour.

Dark, dirty, sinister smut.

You think Washington is corrupt? Hollywood can run circles around Capitol Hill. But it always confounds me… why people are so willing to believe that politicians are scoundrels but have such a hard time accepting that actors and celebrities are conniving and manipulative and just as dishonest even though they actually ACT for a living, working and surviving and thriving in a town that’s as depraved and as amoral as they come.

Funny that.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com