Let’s start with eating. Squirrels should eat more because otherwise their eyes go buggy. I’m a bitch, I’ll say it for you. I’ve already said it over and over again anyway. Sometimes she looks like a squirrel.

But Duana was all like – oh she’s so lovely, I like her so much, so when her boyfriend when to jail, I was swayed by my friend. I allowed myself to be influenced.

Awards season, however, eroded the goodwill. Too bad Duana.

Anne’s speech at Critics’ Choice, about it being “fitting” that she was sharing the victory with Meryl Streep kicked it off. Check yourself Princess. Then it was all this talk about the “art”. And the “stage” And the fact that if she didn’t have film, she could always go back to Broadway.

Bride Wars. That’s all.

And then the dress last night. People are losing their sh-t over this dress.


If you want to talk light bright and scallops, Cotillard did it better in 2008.

And just when she almost redeemed herself on stage with Hugh Jackman, she had to go and hold her neck during Shirley MacLaine’s introduction.

I mean, how f-cking Rossum.

She was overrated in Rachel anyway! Rosemary DeWitt deserved that nomination!

Seriously, the holding the neck to illustrate being “touched” thing….

My Gwynnie did this years ago when Brad Pitt called her his “angel” at the Globes. Let’s make a rule. Holding necks is only allowed when Brad Pitt professes his adoration to the world. Otherwise, Holding Necks must die.

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