Anne Hathaway will be Catwoman. Of course she will. It’s an obvious choice. Maybe too obvious? The same 7 or 8 names are always up for the same roles. When it was announced yesterday, most reactions I heard were – oh yeah, yeah, I can totally see that.

Which is good…and also bad.

Good because Christopher Nolan isn’t f-cking around but bad because, well, Nolan is known to be someone who likes to f-ck around. And choosing Anne… is about as far from imaginative as it gets. Not that I don’t like her – I do – but I also like to be surprised. I enjoy being surprised by Christopher Nolan. And casting Anne isn’t the most surprising move. Not at all.

Shut up and wait for the movie.

You’re right.

In this case, Anne beat out a list of actresses that included Keira Knightley and Jessica Biel who, once again, has missed out on a coveted part. Errrmm…are we really sure she was actually being considered for the part? There’s the “real” list and then there are those who get their people to float the rumour that they’re on the list, even when they’re not. And I suspect, a lot of the time, this is one of Biel’s favourite moves. So that if she’s mentioned enough alongside the likes of Hathaway and Knightley and Portman, that people will actually start to believe that she can play with the big girls. How’s that working for her? Biel has not been able to book a job in a while beyond ensemble romantic comedy.

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