Can you predict a belly-cupper? I knew Carey Mulligan wouldn’t be a belly-cupper. What was your read on Anne Hathaway? When Anne Hathaway won her Oscar, the first thing she said was, “It came true”. So… OF COURSE Anne Hathaway would be a belly-cupper. Why was I hoping she wouldn’t be? Because I’m a stupid asshole.

Annie posted this photo of herself belly-cupping herself on Instagram with this caption:

I love how she says posting a bikini photo is “out of character” for her. True. But belly-cupping? Totally in character, right?

Is she a red carpet belly-cupper though? And is she a red carpet belly-cupper with her husband standing behind her, reaching around to co-cup along with her? Sh-t, I just invented a new word to gross myself out:


Wait for it.