I wonder if they tried wigging it at all. If they camera tested a few wigs and decided in the end that the wigs just weren’t working before encouraging Annie to cut it all off. Or was it all Annie herself from the very beginning out of artistic commitment? No, let’s not even bother trying the wig. I will do it! (hand in the air) I will sacrifice my hair for Fantine. (hand over chest) What’s a little hair? (eyes to the sky) Fantine deserves authenticity. (Fist pump and collapse)

How do you think it went down?

On the one hand, Anne Hathaway is totally the pretentious artist who would make a martyr of her hair and play that sh-t out like it’s worthy of an Oscar nomination, sure. Then again, it all depends on when the wedding is.

Here’s Anne leaving The Box in London the other night, photographed for the first time since she cut it for Les Miserables. And it flatters her very much, don’t you think? Oh to have soft fine hair like that that doesn’t grow upwards but close to the scalp.

Why then does she seem so... embarrassed?

I mean, dude, if you don’t want to be seen, if you wanted it to be kept a secret, don’t go to The Box on a Saturday night, God. Would you please let me compliment you without having to roll my eyes at you? So if it’s not about not wanting it to get out, what is it all about? Is Anne Hathaway allowed to be “shy” about not having long, dark, flowing rivers cascading over her shoulders? Or is it more like, “oh poor me, I suffered so much with the chop, and it really made me uncomfortable, but these are the places I’m willing to go in pursuit of my craft”. I often wonder how often actors have genuine emotions.