So, you know, about Anne Hathaway’s accent in One Day...

For those of us who’ve only seen the trailers, it’s our primary complaint. Until we see the movie proper, which is not getting great reviews - back to this is in a minute, let’s focus first on how Anne speaks as Emma Morley. Apparently if you don’t like it, you don’t know sh-t. It’s not supposed to be a true Yorkshire accent, ok?

"Emma is from Leeds but has been at university, and then goes to London, so the accent is designed to change the way it does when you leave home, particularly in the U.K. I met 10 people from Yorkshire and nine of them didn't sound like they were from Yorkshire anymore." (Source)

I can accept that accents change when you move around the UK. But do they change so much they eventually become American?

Am thinking about slapping a Sit DOWN on her ass. You?

As for One Day - the rating on Rotten Tomatoes is abysmal, the worst possible result for those of us who loved the book. At press time it’s 28%. I was about to click away from that page when I noticed that A.O. Scott from the NY Times and Roger Ebert were both listed on the side of the positive review along with the Hollywood Reporter. Normally a 28% rating, like a Jennifer Aniston movie, generates a unanimous vote among the brand name top critics. So then I bounced over to Metacritic because they are more specific with their percentages and One Day is actually rating at a surprising 49% which isn’t great...but it’s not a Jennifer Aniston movie either. Now I wonder if I’m just grasping for any shred of hope. Probably. I will see it on Saturday and it will break my heart from disappointment. I am prepared.

Attached - Anne arriving in a really adorable striped dress at LAX the other day.

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