Well they must, right? Because finally Saturday Night Live delivered a strong episode this weekend, probably the first strong episode of the season, with several very good skits – almost all of them were good, actually – and a great Update featuring Jay Pharoah’s killer Thanksgiving rap. That guy is a wicked mimic. (NBC and Hulu are bitches and won’t allow viewing outside the US so I can’t embed the video. But if you have time to search, it’s worth your while.)

And Anne Hathaway can mimic too. Her Katie Holmes was awesome, and that’s probably the sketch everyone is talking about. I however am partial to the one about Kate Middleton and Prince William with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh and their hardcore cockney accents, especially when Fred Armisen lifted his leg up like a matron royal gangsta. Amazing.

So they will write for Annie. And well. Which makes it 2 for 2, Hathaway’s excellent SNL track record. But did she freak you out at the end? She freaked me out at the end. She took Effusive to a new level at the end. I mean, there’s being grateful, and then there’s too f-ckin’ much. Maybe not quite as tweaky as Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s farewell last year but close. Did you notice too?

Watch it now before NBC pulls it down. “You’re like a pretty little Regis” cracks me up every time.

Photos from Wenn.com