Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman are on holiday in Hawaii. Somehow she hurt her foot. So when she came back to shore, her husband cleaned it for her by sucking on a toe and putting on a band-aid. Dude, that’s love. My husband wouldn’t do that for me. He hates my feet. I hate his feet too. His toenails are vile. So no, I wouldn’t do it for him either. I would sell jewellery, anything, to hire someone to put him on a stretcher and take it to get treated, but I would not put my mouth on his foot.

Would I appreciate him putting his mouth on my foot the way Anne appreciates Adam putting his mouth on her foot? See, I don’t know about that either. She’s a better person that I am for sure. Sweeter, more loving, more caring, as evidenced by her kiss of thanks.

Not sure how long Anne is staying in Hawaii. The Golden Globe Awards are on Sunday. So far she’s not on the presenters list, and the Globes aren’t like the Oscars in that way where they dependably bring back the previous year’s winners. I hope so though. Anne always makes a red carpet better, no matter what she’s wearing.