Anne Hathaway is Brazil promoting Rio. She was photographed today in Copacabana heading to an interview. I know I’ve said it before but I can’t help myself. I really, really, really love her hair right now. if I could have any hair right now, I would have her hair right now. The length is great. The wave is great. The colour is great. This has to be her best hair.

But..errrm…you see the dude behind her with the head wrap?

So I’ve spent several minutes with Jacek analysing old photos trying to determine whether or not it’s her boyfriend Adam Shulman. Jacek thinks it is. I’m not as sure as Jacek but I’m on that side too. And… well… just not feeling it, you know? Especially since, if it is him, he’s just, like, loafing around with his um signature personal style, travelling around with her while she works, not unlike KFed Simpson which is, I mean, don’t people want their own jobs anymore? And by their own jobs I’m not referring to the people who look after their children, but young people, like Adam, with NO children, and NO other responsibilities who just glide around aimlessly because their love cannot be apart…? Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s an immigrant curse passed down from my parents about avoiding idleness.

Update: It's probably not her boyfriend.

Photos from INF