Sorry today's posting's are a bit slow. I'm back in the office now fully connected so the rest of the day will be normal. The reason I'm delayed is that, as I mentioned earlier, I had to shoot in an Indy car today for etalk in advance of the Honda Indy in Toronto this weekend. I was the asshole who, after they'd strapped me into the car, put her hand up in a panic. Totally nauseous. The crew guys were so nice. They did breathing exercises with me and assured me I wouldn't die. Then they told the driver to go slow because I was being a pussy.

It's just that...when they put the face glove on you, and then the helmet, and the viser comes down, you can't breathe! There's no fresh air! And if you're claustrophobic, which I think I've just developed, it's ...not fun. Anyway, I made it, and didn't pee myself or puke, and now it's on to Anne Hathaway in Paris last night with Valentino hosting a charity benefit wearing what could totally be one of the most beautiful wedding looks I've ever seen.

I love everything. The romantic cap sleeves because they remind me of Jane Austen. The soft skirt. The red lips. Like Eve and an apple. And the headpiece! Where can I go where a headpiece like this would be appropriate? Also her hair. It's always this hair for me. Anne is in fine, fine form right now. And now we're just a month out from One Day. Please don't disappoint.

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