Anne Hathaway made the rounds in New York yesterday to promote One Day which opens today. I will see it tomorrow, but I think it’ll be a bust at the box office. Still, Anne tries. She has always tried.

Here she is, in very long pants and a mismatch delightful print trying on morning tv and then changing into longer black pants with a gorgeously structured white jacket over an Elvis tee for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Did you watch? She looked great. Really beautiful. Really great hair going on right now. But oh my god was she annoying. Like, of course you play Scrabble. But how come I don’t really believe you? And how come I was expecting you to banter more wittily with Jon but you fell a little flat? And WHY did you have to namecheck Catwoman at the very end in order to proclaim that the nerds are your people?

Am I being too harsh?

We bitch on the ones who are too cool to be eager, and then we bitch on the ones who are too eager to be cool. I see the unfairness in this, I really do. I see the unfairness in wanting to like Anne Hathaway while not wanting her to want me to like her. What is the disconnect then? Is it simply a public that will never be satisfied? Or is the public impossible to satisfy in this new age of everything all the time, as the mystery of celebrity is almost extinct, making the distance between fascination and rejection much too short?

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