To be honest, it’s kind of a letdown. Anne Hathaway was my MET Best last year. Click here for a refresher. That shock blonde. That exquisite Valentino dress. Those eyes. She was magnificent.


I won’t remember it in two days. Knowing that Annie is capable of bringing so much more and seeing that she didn’t is what’s making me flaccid, although I am always fascinated by how Costa for Calvin Klein is able to deliver these dresses that just never crease.

Good earrings though. And I do like the metallic red pump. This is a GREAT pump. I think I need this pump.

As for why there are no shots of her husband and the rumours circulating that this must mean they’re having problems, there were no shots of him last year either. So if that’s all they’re basing it on, I’m not sure it’s worth pursuing.

PS. You know who I’ve been seeing a lot lately in Annie’s face? Amal Alamuddin. It’s the nose, right?