Not going to lie. This entire article is really an excuse for me to be able to post a video of my dog. Just a heads up if that’s not interesting to you.

Celebitchy posted a story today about a new STAR Magazine article on Anne Hathaway and her dog. Apparently her old chocolate lab isn’t trendy enough and since she’s “half-dead”, she wants to get a new puppy for more attention...

Jesus Christ, STAR Magazine, are you tapped out from writing Brange fiction?

You are a moron if you believe this story.

Annie travels with her dog. I wish I could travel with my dogs. Someone who travels with her dog that much, goes to those lengths to transport her safely across the country and back, is not someone who doesn’t have a very serious, very intense attachment to her pet, and it’s not like she’s doing it for the photo opp at the airport either. And besides, when has Anne Hathaway ever demonstrated that she’s a Lohan or a Hilton or a Spears???

Annie’s heavy breathing annoys you, I get it. But it doesn’t mean she’s abusing her dog, for f-ck’s sake. Not surprisingly, Celebitchy confirms that Hathaway’s rep has already denied the claim.

Besides, some people believe that a younger dog keeps an older dog around longer. This was our rationale. Marcus, the Original Beagle, was 7 when we brought Barney home. Everyone hates Barney. But he does keep things interesting.

Here’s Annie out for groceries yesterday in LA. She’s been working (voice) on Rio 2 and was recently confirmed for Christopher Nolan’s next film Interstellar with Matthew McConaughey. So she’s officially joined the Multi-Nolan Club. As you know, he goes back to the actors he trusts. See Michael Caine, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, etc, etc, and now Anne Hathaway. That’s... not a bad crew to be a part of. I mean, it’s better than belonging to the Adam Sandler Circle. And probably more prestigious than the Judd Apatow Party, though maybe not as cool as the Wes Anderson Association.

Anyway, here’s Barney, the smallest kid at daycare, hanging out with his BFF Dexter yesterday. Biting each other is considered fun. And size really doesn’t matter.

Also, this will give you some idea of what a stubborn little dick he is. He is determined. But he is also patient. He will just wait you out until he gets what he wants. Sorry. But I warned you.