It’s Anne Hathaway leaving at the end of awards season, hopefully giving us an extended break. Because right now, I’m done with her. With time and distance though, this could totally change. She’d be smart to fade away for a while.

Having said that, am all over her travel attire. Stripes. Love stripes. She looks great in stripes. And the glasses cover the squirrel eye – nice. And her skin looks clean and fresh and healthy, even though like all of them she smokes like a fiend.

Oh you didn’t know?

That our perfect little princess is on a chain? They do their best to never, ever get photographed with one between their fingers. Wonder if Victoria Beckham has quit yet.

In case you’re wondering, I’m still struggling. Sigh. It’s a bitch trying to stop. It’s the worst bitch in the world. And yes, I’ve read the Allen Carr book. TWICE!

PS. Can we play Photo Assumption here? Anne’s open mouth…what delicious piece of gossip has she just heard?

How about…

Ebola Paris Hilton seen on her knees in the garden at the Patrick Whitesell post Oscar party blowing Robert Pattinson while jerking off its ex boyfriend Stavros?


Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman tearing a strip off Keith Urban at the Vanity Fair afterparty for congratulating Penelope Cruz.

One is true. The other false.


Photos from DZILLA/