It’s almost been a week. Are we over it yet?

She’s getting over it. And in these photos she’s on her way, with her boyfriend Adam, to London from LAX, reasons unknown, so let me make a totally uneducated assumption and say reshoots for One Day? Maybe that’s just wishful thinking. Any attachment to the book/movie…

I want a trailer. Please give us a trailer soon.


I’m going to be in St Andrews in a week. Like, where Emma met Dex. OMG. Totally dragging Dylan up there and taking some Hello Kitty style photos.

Have I mentioned I really love Anne’s hair at this length? Tempts me to go several inches shorter at that length too. But she has natural body. And I have Chinese straight lank. It’s a different beast. They styled it beautifully for her at the Oscars. Can we agree on that? Except for the time she stuck an Elizabeth the First hairpiece into the crown.

Remember, One Day opens on July 8th.

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