Now that I think of it, Duana and I were gush-messaging each other back and forth a lot yesterday. Obviously much of the afternoon was spent on Les Miserables and that behind-the-scenes featurette that was released online. What? Of course I’ll repost it. I’ve only watched it 8 times. Anyway, there were a lot of ALL CAP sentences exchanged back and forth between Duana and me about how we can’t wait and how we’ll hold hands when we see it together and how we’ll each take turns crying and also much excitement over Anne Hathaway. I CANNOT WAIT for Anne Hathaway to BLOW ME UP with how awesome she is in this film. Then I can’t wait for the inevitable contrarians: she wasn’t all that, I don’t see why everyone’s masturbating over her performance. I am so ready to masturbate over her performance. And already, they’re making early predictions that she’s a lock for a Best Supporting Actress nomination. It may come down to Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables against Amy Adams in The Master.

Here’s Anne last night at the New York City Ballet Fall Gala. The ballet costumes were designed by Valentino, with whom she has a close relationship. She looks glorious in Valentino here, doesn’t she? It’s from this collection that I posted in July. Every time I see her I want to take a razor to my head. Valentino says he’s doing her wedding dress. Maybe he’ll do her Oscar dress too.