And... no PEOPLE Magazine exclusive? If so, I feel like they wouldn’t have had to use a pap photo - click here to see their article on the event from the same series you’re seeing here. Then again, selling her wedding to PEOPLE, or to any weekly, would be kinda down-market for Anne Hathaway. At this point in her career, the only Hathaway brand decision would probably be Vogue, if any. If we’re talking down-market though, well, oh hi Reese Witherspoon.  Now there’s a wedding choice that was also a career barometer.

So Annie married Adam Shulman on Saturday in Big Sur. It wasn’t a super-Hollywood situation. She wore, as expected, Valentino, and while the style of the gown isn’t really my flavour, God I do love the headpiece. Look at the effect of it from the side -- SO romantic, SO elegant, right?

You know what else I love? I love that she didn’t wear extensions, or wait. Wait for the hair. Nothing makes me want to punch myself in the face more than reading comments like this:

Why didn’t she grow it out first!? She won’t have long hair in any of her pictures!

What the f-ck in the world?

And now it begins, a bridal Oscar campaign.  BUT WILL SHE GROW IT OUT FOR THE OSCARS?

F-ck off!