Career-wise, for Anne Hathaway, it couldn’t get any better.

Rachel Getting Married, the film that has announced her arrival as a serious acting contender, was nominated today for 6 Independent Spirit Awards, tied for most this year with Frozen River and Ballast. Needless to say, Anne received a nod for Best Actress and by all accounts, has a very, very, very good chance at securing a nomination at the Oscars as well, joining her movie Devil Meryl Streep whose turn in Doubt is said to be, as usual, outstanding.

Anne also enjoyed commercial success, killing it at the box office with Get Smart. Not bad, right?

So what if she almost married a scoundrel?

Here she is super casual and looking much healthier (she was wasting away at one point), travelling like a normal person unlike Posh, at LAX after a pleasantly endearing appearance on the Daily show with Jon Stewart yesterday. Maybe two too many giggles, but likeable nonetheless. And the icing on the cake?

Now that Anne Hathaway has been declared a top tier girl, Shelfy Biel’s chances are that much more remote, even if the Pips decides to marry her.

Click here to watch Anne with Jon Stewart.

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