I put a question mark at the end here because, well, as an Anne Hathaway apologist, it's kind of become a habit, a habit to keep asking -- if she did it differently would she still find a way to annoy you?

But what a difference in a year, non? Last year the smile was obsequious and grateful. This year her expression was almost..haughty, impatient. At one point the pool feed cameras were on her as she first arrived with her husband and her publicist, Stephen Huvane, and she was pointing her finger, talking animatedly, ending with a smirk on her face. Last year? We would never have had that shot. Last year she controlled every movement of every feature on her face. Last year she put it on. But I'm not sure if what we're seeing now is a case of turning it off. 

Hathaway was the first presenter of the evening. She spoke with her "I AM Oscar Winner" voice and read the nominees. Like, Gravitas, meet Annie. And all eyes turned skyward, didn't they? Mine too.

Ok but if she had put on a cutesy sweetsy voice you'd still feel the rage.
Because that's not real either, is it? So that's the question then: what is real for Anne Hathaway? Do you remember me saying a couple of weeks ago that I wasn't sure if she'd walk the carpet because she's been trying to keep it on the low and that I thought she might head directly into the theatre underground? Well that was dumb. Why would Anne Hathaway bypass the opportunity to remind us that she won an Oscar?

Annie wore Gucci on the carpet and then changed for Vanity Fair. I prefer the second look but, as Duana suggested, it would be even better as pantsuit.