She’s not my favourite, but I do admire how Anne Hathaway went from Princess Bride to Brokeback to Rachel Getting Married premiering at the Venice Film Festival.

It’s an impressive career trajectory – one that could have easily gone in a much more generic, much less successful direction. Emmy Rossum is eating herself with envy.

For Anne, it’s been a bittersweet summer: a personal setback, a romantic disaster, but professional success with Get Smart, and now a film with Jonathan Demme, said to be the best performance of her career.

Playing against type, Anne is a girl in and out of rehab who returns home for her sister’s wedding. The movie has earned mixed reviews so far but most agree – Anne is magnificent, mixing it up on the small movie circuit, and declaring she is much more than Prada and Bridezilla.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Kate Hudson did the same?

Anne is next headed to Toronto – Rachel Getting Married will screen at TIFF too.

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