Anne Hathaway was on Kimmel last night promoting Song One. The film comes out on January 23 in theatres and VOD. I’ve attached the trailer below. Her love interest is Johnny Flynn. God he is hot.

For a little movie like this, as you’d expect, it’s on Anne, an Oscar winner, a proper A list actor, to push it. She was in Palm Springs this weekend. And there will likely be more appearances, interviews. I like Anne, I think I’ve been clear about that. I can handle a lot more Annie than most. So I’m with her here, when she’s telling Kimmel about hosting her family over the holidays, and specifically her parents for 12 STRAIGHT DAYS.

12 DAYS.

Of parents.

In your home.

I mean, good on you if you have the kind of Blake Lively family who can be all up in each other’s faces for days, and for hours at a time, and not want to lock yourself in a room and squeeze every blackhead out of your nose but there are those of us who… well… for us, 12 straight days would not be easy.

Think of your mother up in your space, criticising how you wash the dishes, how you fold your clothes, why you didn’t wipe the countertop 6 times, how your dogs shed so much everywhere…

Anne called it “fluid control”. Totally relatable, though in my case it would be complete capitulation. But then she continues with a story about how she and her family invented the grossest drink in the world. Which is when the gagging started. Or the pre-gagging. I don’t know what to call it. She just keeps doing it. And, after all a while, or, really, right away, it starts feeling put on. Contrived. Too much. Especially considering that these interviews are always pre-discussed. And when you find out, in the end, that they never even tried the “chardonnog”.