One Day opens in two days. Why am I so nervous?

Anne was on Conan last night promoting the film. She dropped a few rhymes. Lil Wayne styles. It’s cute. It’s really, really cute. And her hair, and her dress, she looked SO good. I just wish she didn’t throw in that eyerolly comment at the end: “once again, my need to be a ham has just wrecked my career”. Ugh. Right?

That part doesn’t show up in the clip I’m attaching. For that part, you can watch it over at Gawker. Start at 1:40. I think this is why she gnaws on some nerves. How many people are you trying to be???

Having said that, again, this is how I best enjoy Anne - the rapping, I mean. She’s adorable and fun. She, errm, reminds me a little of Gwyneth. Which may be why I can’t get down with the forced humility. But even that is probably preferable to the English accent that keeps scaring me in the clips from One Day. The Guardian has an exclusive clip. Oh My God why is it so horrible???????

Click here to see and then maybe cleanse your palate with her rap on Conan below:

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