One of the best laughs in Trainwreck comes at Anne Hathaway’s expense. No spoilers here, but after Bill Hader’s Dr. Aaron Connors wins a prize for his work with Doctors Without Borders, Amy tells him to stop walking around with his trophy because he looks like “Anne Hathaway walking around at an Oscars after-party.” It’s a killer (and harmless) reference, because it’s totally what he looked like.

I guess it would have been more cutting for him to say something along the lines of “it came true” or thanking Victor Hugo instead, right? My mentor Dean summed up Hatha-hating best on LaineyGossip over a year ago – click here for a refresher.

Anyway, yesterday Anne posted a shot of her Trainwreck ticket with a shout-out to that moment in the movie.

But what she’s also doing here is sending the message that she’s not humourless. Anne can have fun outside of a contrived talk show story! She’s not the sad Anne in oversized hats in paparazzi photos, she’s goofy Princess Diaries Anne, Wrecking Ball Lip Sync Battle Anne or Bride Wars-Tambourine-on-a-rope Anne.

Anne’s also using this as an opportunity to get in front of the jab before too many people see the movie. What if she’s asked about this on her next red carpet, or at the junket for The Intern? Speaking of which, The Intern comes out on September 25. The first trailer was great and folksy – click here to read Lainey’s write-up about it – very Nancy Meyers. But really, this is the first time Anne is playing a “likable” everywoman in years…. So maybe she’s trying to make herself as relatable as possible? Her Trainwreck joke appreciation and reveal may be real, but it’s also a smart move to show off a more flattering side of her personality.

Either way, it doesn’t stop Amy or director Judd Apatow from appreciating the love. Yet, like any comedian should, rather than apologize for their joke.