When I was 19 I had my hair cut like this. Maybe even shorter. Then all 4 of my wisdom teeth came out and I lost a lot of weight. My mother said I was horrifying. She didn’t want our relatives to come over because she thought they’d spread rumours that I’d contracted AIDS. What? I haven’t mentioned before that my mother is ignorant?

I really, really hated my hair then, not because my mother called it AIDS hair, but because I wanted to love it so much and it just wasn’t right for me. It didn’t come out soft in cuddly tufts. It wouldn’t flatten. It refused to look like Anne Hathaway’s.

Here she is in New York yesterday. I hope her arm gets better by the time she has to start promoting The Dark Knight Rises. We’re just a month out now. It’s close. And I’m scared. Not scared because I think it’ll suck because there’s no way it will suck. It will be awesome. But it’s not exactly going to be 2 and a half hours of stress-free moviegoing. I go to Christopher Nolan movies prepared to have my head hurt. I might even break out on my face the next day from the anxiety.

Anyway, whatever. We’ll be talking about The Dark Knight Rises enough over the next few weeks. This was really just an excuse to watch the Les Miserables trailer all over again. Duana and I were talking about it this weekend. Duana is a musical theatre nerd. She knows the soundtrack like her family. We started singing it on the car ride home from an event we attended on Saturday night. And I decided then that I would fly home to Toronto see it with her and Lorella. No one I know here in Vancouver loves it as much. Will it be worth the flight? I believe it from the first trailer. I really, really do.

And her voice is only wavering because she’s DYING!!! God!