It seems to me that the problem with Anne Hathaway, and the reason for her post-Les Miserables backlash, is that she doesn’t really know how to not revel in the spotlight. She milks it. Which isn’t really that offensive, but it rubs people the wrong way. Well, now she’s proving this more than ever because, according to her, she spent the past year trying to hide out, feeling that people “needed a break” from her after her Oscar win. But when thinking about the past year for Anne, I have to ask - you call that a break?

Since last year’s Oscars Anne Hathaway may not have had any blockbuster movies released, but she was hardly off the radar. She got that intense blonde makeover, she shot a Christopher Nolan movie, she faked her own death or whatever that was in Hawaii, and was photographed walking around L.A. with Adam Shulman a LOT (sometimes wearing a ridiculous hat).

This week she was at Sundance, where her new movie Song One is screening, and this is where she was quoted talking about this alleged year of privacy. She looks great, and she’s doing a lot of interviews with Mary Steenburgen, who’s beautiful and respectable and charming, so things are going well for Anne. She’s just wrong about this break thing. There was no break.

The other thing to think about here is Anne’s acknowledgement of the backlash against her. This is a reminder that famous people know exactly what we think of them. I guess they have just as much access to the Internet as us (maybe more?), so why shouldn’t they? It’s just sad to picture Anne Hathaway, having just won an Oscar, on The Daily Mail, confronting the revolting comments that were no doubt made about every part of her body/personality/career. I guess if deluding herself about the past 365 days make that experience less painful then who am I to disabuse her of that? Ok, Anne, fine, we were on a break.