She and Meryl Streep tied last night for Best Actress. Anne looked adorably and appropriately surprised. Meryl didn’t bother to show up. She’ll be at the Globes on Sunday, she probably didn’t feel like leaving New York two days early for yet another awards show. Amazing.

Early in the season, it was thought that Sally Hawkins was the front-runner for Happy-Go-Lucky. But there’s no money behind her campaign, it looks like she’s well back now in the race. Anne however is currently everyone’s darling. Especially Harvey Weinstein. She’s been his favourite for a while. And if anyone knows how to strategise for an Oscar, it’s Harvey Weinstein.

One win down, another one coming?

The most curious thing: check out the attached graphic. It was posted on the Golden Globe website yesterday – a premature declaration of Anne’s imminent Globe win?

Oh la.

Who’s getting fired?

Needless to say, the mistake has been corrected but the information is already out there…

Anne’s on a roll.


Bride Wars opens this weekend. And we’ve already discussed how the dumbassness of that movie could potentially hurt her. The Globes and the Critics’ Choice awards were decided well before this week. But Oscar nominations aren’t due til January 22nd and right now, Bride Wars is getting completely annihilated by critics, scoring an embarrassing 11% on Rotten Tomatoes with ALL of the top reviewers agreeing that, simply put, the movie sucks sh-t.

So… let’s hope then that the Academy isn’t as hard on Anne as they were on Eddie Murphy?

And about her dress:

It’s like a flower. Fashion architecture. As Zoe would say, since she chose it…I love.

And it’s probably Marchesa. Because she’d have to to make Harvey happy. A rare Marchesa winner. Wonders never cease.


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