But first, did you see Anne Hathaway on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night? She was describing her new film, Song One. And at the end of her lengthy explanation, Jon cracked up. And then she cracked up. And then we all cracked up. And it was light and likeable and fun and…the best version of Annie we’ve, maybe, ever seen. Click here if you haven’t yet.

She’s also still glowing. I wrote about it yesterday – click here for a refresher – and whatever it is, whether it’s a new makeup artist or a new skin care regimen or not being vegan anymore, she’s radiating and it’s gorgeous.

In other Anne news, she will radiate all by herself on stage in a new production of Grounded, directed by Julie Taymor, at New York’s Public Theatre from April 7 to May 17. Grounded is a one woman show about a pregnant fighter pilot who gets kicked out of the cockpit because of the baby and has to fly drones instead. It’s an acclaimed piece and the Public Theatre is a big deal. And here again we have another example of something that always gets buried under the Hathahate – Anne Hathaway is one of the most talented artists of her generation. She can, literally, do it all: theatre, film, television, song, and, dance. And all of it WELL.