Last week Freedom To Marry reported that Anne Hathaway had announced that she’d be donating profits from the sale of her wedding photos to organisations advocating for same sex marriage. Which is awesome (even though I find the sourcing for the report really confusing because the Freedom To Marry article links back to the sometimes sketchy but whatever). So...

Which magazine?

The wedding happened over a month ago. I don’t remember any of the weeklies publishing the Hathaway/Shulman wedding photos. Anne’s publicist is Stephen Huvane and I can’t see him making a deal for her with any magazine but PEOPLE. Why the delay? Well, we still have a short while to go before Anne gets in to heavy promotion for Les Miserables. Or maybe it’s a monthly fashion magazine? Do monthly fashion magazines pay for celebrity photos? It’s not really their style. Can you imagine Anne Hathaway asking Anna Wintour for a hundred thousand dollars for the right to feature her wedding dress?

Anyway, whatever, wherever the photos end up, it’s a win for gay marriage and maybe an even bigger win for Anne because she looks great on three fronts: she’s supporting the cause, she’s publicising her movie, and she’s campaigning bride or Oscar. I don’t mean to sound cynical there but, like, when she might be benefitting just as much or more from her own philanthropic efforts, is it charity in the true spirit of charity?

Oh but you see, that’s where matching money comes in, you see?

Here I go on my fund development pitch again...

If you’ve been reading my blog a while, you know I used to go on and on about this whenever the Brange sold their baby pictures and donated the proceeds to various foundations. Was it really their money?

Why not MATCH the money? Double the size and significance of the gift?

Same goes for Anne -- if PEOPLE, or whatever it ends up being, paid her say, I dunno, $250K for her wedding shots, she matches with $250K of her own and then it all goes down a little easier, doesn’t it? Then it would feel like less of a straight pimp, wouldn’t it?

Attached - Anne Hathaway and husband Adam Shulman arriving at LAX.