While her Love & Other Drugs co-star is in LA under the microscope for his recent dalliance with Taylor Swift, Anne Hathaway was spotted in New York last night at the opening of the off Broadway production of Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes. She was accompanied by her boyfriend Adam Shulman who’s pictured in one of these shots behind her near the cab. I love what she’s wearing.

In fact, I love her everything right now. All of it. The acting, the choices, the distance we’ve had from her since her last Oscar campaign, the Vogue spread, oh damn the Vogue spread, Annie is doing so many things right. And if you’ve read One Day, of course we’re all hoping that she gets Emma right as well.

As for Love & Other Drugs, my review is coming. It’s not even November yet. The film opens November 24th.

In other Anne news, it was just announced yesterday that she will return to host SNL on November 20th. Last time she wasn’t bad, not bad at all. I still laugh at the Mary Poppins skit. Click here if you’ve never seen it.

Photos from Wenn.com