Anne Hathaway has signed onto a limited TV series called The Ambassador’s Wife. Adapted from a novel by Jennifer Steil, it’s about a woman who is kidnapped in the Middle East. If this were 1982 I’d say it would be a derivative bodice-ripper full of dashing sheikhs and sexually repressed white women, but since it’s 2015 I assume this will be depressing as sh*t and attempt to make us think about Who Is The Real Enemy, Anyway, and What Is War, And Why Do We Have It? The logline reminds me of Maggie Gyllenhaal’s recent miniseries, The Honorable Woman, which is set in Israel/Palestine and is really good, but is also depressing as sh*t, and attempts to make us think about Who Is The Real Enemy, et cetera.

Maggie G got an Emmy nod for that, though, and given Annie’s open ambition, it’s hard not to see this as a ploy for another letter on the EGOT wheel. And it’s not outside the realm of possibility for her, is it? With her pipes, a Grammy is feasible—she already has one nomination for Les Miserables—and a Tony is also well within her ability, with her repertory training and background in theater. Her odds of achieving EGOT are higher than average. She has Oscar already, and now she’s coming for Emmy. How intolerable will you find her if she wins an Emmy, too?


Attached - Anne on vacation with her husband in Ibiza on the weekend. 

UPDATE: As several of you have pointed out, it turns out that Annie already has an Emmy, for Outstanding Voice-Over Work in The Simpsons, which she won in 2010. So she’s got the E-O in EGOT, but…average citizens don’t know she has the Emmy. I pay attention to this stuff more than the average citizen, and I didn’t know she has an Emmy—but I did know about the Grammy, which ought to tell you something about the relative cultural value of the creative arts Emmy. Voice-over work gets sh*t upon unfairly—when done right and well, it is a proper performance—but it does not have the same visibility as an acting award. Literally, people don’t see you and they don’t hand out those Emmys on television during award night. So I maintain that Annie wants to win an acting Emmy on the big stage, so that we ALL know she has an Emmy.