If there’s anything I would change about myself, in an instant, it would be my eyesight. I desperately want laser eye correction. Duana’s had it for years. So jealous. F-cking hate contact lenses. Sh-t gets in there all the time, and it’s a goddamn pain in the ass and if only I could I would walk around in glasses always like I do when I’m at home or out running errands. But when it’s a thing, you know, like when my good clothes come out and not just the bums I throw on to walk the dogs, I am still too vain to work it in my glasses, mostly because I still haven’t found a pair that I really, really confident about.

It’s not just a simple design situation either. Asians, we tend to have a flat nose bridge. So glasses, as least on my face, they fall lower down, and the dude who does my glasses, he has to add like a lift to the pinches on either side of it which takes away from the original construction of it in the first place.

Which is why when I see women out, like really out, with their glasses, I feel jealous and then encouraged. Someday.

And maybe soon too. Because Anne Hathaway just attended the premiere of Rio yesterday in Hollywood wearing some pretty nerdy frames and looked great. Maybe it’s the difference when you wear like a full face of photo ready makeup, maybe that’s the key. I still however am no closer to going on etalk wearing mine. It should be a birthday resolution or something.

Photos from Apega/WENN.com