Anne Hathaway won Best Supporting Actress.

As I wrote after the SAG Awards -- click here for a refresher -- Annie’s acceptance speeches always start out great. Even before she spoke last night she was great. In a gorgeous Burberry dress and her short hair combed forward, stepping up to receive her trophy but acknowledging Sally Field on the way, and hugging George Clooney, and then talking about how stupid she was for almost not hugging George Clooney…

All of that, all of that is great.

And then it gets breathy and, well, then you people who love to hate her start hating her and that’s all you remember.

But wasn’t it funny what she said about not holding Eddie Redmayne’s hair back?

Poor Eddie Redmayne. Apparently he was givin’ her into the toilet. But even though he did look extra pale on the carpet, Eddie, as he has all season, is wearing the sh-t out of his tuxedo, goddamn. Hopefully that tuxedo was well-protected.