About a month ago the NY Post reported that Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend Adam Shulman and a friend stole a mural from the Meatpacking District. The two apparently brought screwdrivers with them, unfastened the art from the barricade on which it was hanging, and then took off into a building where, presumably, they installed their new prize.

The f-ck?

After the incident was made public, and after Annie skinned his balls, Adam apparently rang up the owners and returned the mural. But by that point everyone had already made the connection. Her last boyfriend was a major fraud, and this guy seems to be a sketchy punk too. Adam’s indiscretion by comparison though was relatively harmless. I guess. So Annie has clearly accepted his explanation. Here they are, in New York today out for a walk, same day as the dvd release of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Already? That seems so fast.

Annie’s other movie Valentine’s Day was also just released on DVD. For sure, she’s talented, but when the material is that bad…

Shockingly bad.

So bad I can’t believe she said yes. Then again, real estate is expensive where they want to live. Gwyneth always said she did Perfect Murder for her brownstone. But her sex scenes with Viggo were so good in that movie, remember? I can’t find it on YouTube with the proper sound.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com