Have you read One Day yet? Please do soon. Because I always forget to alert for spoilers and it’s so hard especially when set shots are being released and besides, what’s the delay anyway? It’s one of the best books of the summer (my review is here), if not the best book of the summer and it will break your heart and make you happy, so why are you putting it off? One Day is a story for which you’ll have so much affection and tenderness for a long, long time. If you know about Emma and Dexter, you’ve no doubt this is true.

And here they are, the film versions in Paris today, shooting that scene when she meets him at the station and, well, it all happens after and it really is as it’s written, at least to me anyway, the way he’s touching her hair, and loving it short (a wig by the way, and another good one), and older, damaged, weary, but ready. Finally ready. Sob!

Thanks God Hugh Grant is too old now to play this. Because Jim is perfect. And back in the day, they would have made that uninspired decision – Hugh for everything but fortunately not for Dex.

Dex, as you can see, is most definitely Jim Sturgess, right down to the way his head is titled to the side as he’s walking towards her and her adorable sign.

It’s awful and wonderful at the same time isn’t it? The way a book stays with you and comes back in aches in your stomach. I don’t have my copy of One Day with me right now as Fiona borrowed it and I have no idea why it’s taking her so long and I should get on her ass about this later at the gym, but every time I see it, in a bookstore, or when it used to sit on my nightstand because I love re-reading certain passages, I’d feel the warm familiarity, not unlike the kind of rush you have for your own closest friends, and here’s what it is: Emma and Dex are like friends. Which is why photos like these are so affecting.

What’s not affecting is how much Jim Sturgess gets ignored. No doubt, Anne Hathaway is much more famous. So most of the photos in this series, and every other pap series, focus on her. There are VERY FEW, if any, that show Jim’s face straight on despite the fact, as you can see, that there was plenty opportunity. Please paparazzi, even that sh-t out.

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Photos from X17 and KCSPresse/Splashnewsonline.com