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Anne Hathaway's Outfit of the Week

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 25, 2019 17:30:21 January 25, 2019 17:30:21
Theo Wargo/ Dimitrios Kambouris/ Raymond Hall/ Jackson Lee/ Peter White/ Getty Images

This skirt was originally sent down the runway at Givenchy with a one-shoulder top that made the whole thing look like it was a dress – you can see that here: The way it’s styled on Anne Hathaway? I think it makes the skirt BETTER. Full Article

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Carpets & Candids: Annie’s two coats

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 23, 2019 21:25:14 January 23, 2019 21:25:14

Anne Hathaway in New York today promoting Serenity in multiple outfits built around coats. Let’s start with the green one. Because that is suuuuuuch a great colour on her with the reddish way she’s wearing her hair right now. It’s the kind of coat you immediately want to touch, it’s so velvety and rich. Full Article

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Carpets & Candids: Annie flutters in black and white

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 16, 2016 16:16:34 May 16, 2016 16:16:34
John Sciulli/ Getty Images

That piece of flutter ruffle on the top of this dress is so pretty, so spring. I’m not sure about the shoe because even though they’re open with one strap, they still feel a little…heavy? But the softness of her hair, it’s so romantic with that red lip, I think it’s one of her loveliest looks. Full Article

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Carpets & Candids: Annie’s honeycomb dress

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 28, 2016 16:22:50 January 28, 2016 16:22:50
Michael Tran/ Emma McIntyre/ Getty Images

The pattern here reminds me of honeycomb. Do you see it too? Honeycomb and bees are what f-ck me up about nature. It’s f-cked! Those hexagons are perfect – and it’s BEES, not machines, that buzz around creating them. When I think about it too hard it freaks me out. Anyway, this looks great on Annie, and it looks even better than her husband, Adam, did not belly-cup her on the red carpet. Full Article

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Carpets & Candids: Annie’s lips

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 23, 2015 14:43:55 September 23, 2015 14:43:55
Felipe Ramales/ @JDH Imagez/ Splash News

Everything about this outfit is making me happy – the lips on the shirt, the leather skirt, the length of it and the slits all over, and the sunglasses too… She looks fresh and fun and happy and amazing.  Full Article

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Carpets & Candids: Annie’s dress but not dress

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 17, 2014 17:13:25 June 17, 2014 17:13:25
Doug Meszler/ Splash

Do you hate this? I love it. If you don’t like it, I wonder if it’s the colour that’s throwing you off, because it looks like denim and you’re on the overalls and it kinda looks like a dress, and it’s screwing you up. But I have one of these in brown-ish print and it’s like a loose loose fitting jumpsuit which I normally avoid because of the pee challenges but I couldn’t resist because it acts as both a jumpsuit AND a great maxi dress and I’m just saying, think about it, for the summer. Full Article

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