Here’s where Duana falls in love with Anne Hathaway all over again.

Annie is promoting Rio 2, opening this weekend. She was on Fallon. And, man, credit to his show writers because they keep coming up with creative ideas to bring out the best in his guests. In Annie’s case, the singing. Hip songs set to Broadway sounds.

Suddenly Annie is Susie Diamond (Google it, millenials!), opening up those vocal chords to the stylings of Snoop and Kendrick Lamar. Sort of. And at the very end, well, a tip for the haters, the Hatha-hating bitches.

She’s terrific, right? She’s great! Admit that she’s great!

You know what else is great?

First of all, this sweater coat that she’s been wearing around New York. And those awesome twists they’ve been putting in her hair. That’s funky fresh, right? Hair imagination makes me so happy. And so do those white pumps she’s wearing on Fallon.