Oh Annie...


I will be tired of you by August 1 if you are campaigning already.

The first trailer for Les Miserables, heavily featuring Anne Hathaway, was released today. And here she is stepping out with a broken arm in NYC.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

I love Les Miserables so much, and I want so badly for this movie to be so great, for now, that for this incident, I'll say coincidence. But she'll certainly be in our faces, hard, starting now, as we approach the mega mega arrival of The Dark Knight Rises.

Will it work for or against?

By the time press for TDKR is over, will you want to shut the door on Annie forever? Or will she be so great as Cat Woman, it'll only make us even more excited for her Fantine?

Before you start snarking, and I will remind myself of this too, think of Christopher Nolan. He trusted her. Is that enough?

Yes I will ask Sasha about her dress.