The last time (that I can remember) we saw Anne Hathaway in pink, you were all hating on her for nipple darts and heavy breathing at the Oscars. But what a comeback at the MET Gala, non? Where Annie is concerned, yes, of course, always, there’s always a little Try. Anne said her inspiration for the night was Debbie Harry. But the blonde really was a wonderful surprise. And she wore the sh-t out of that vintage Valentino. Another advantage of that Valentino was its length. So that we could barely see her shoes. Because, you know, while that whole vegan thing is admirable, it doesn’t always allow for a good shoe situation. 

This is what happened last night. Anne, still blonde, wore pink Givenchy at the Tates America Foundation Artists Dinner in New York. It was a good look...until you get to her feet. Whatever those are, they’re heinous.

As for how long she’s keeping the hair -- apparently her next project is Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar which is due in theatres November 2014. No one knows for sure because Nolan might be the only person better at keeping secrets than JJ Abrams but it’s supposed to involve time travel and black holes or something. Obviously not a period piece. So... maybe the blonde can stay?