Anne Hathaway is promoting Alice Through The Looking Glass. She was at the Hollywood premiere last night. We’ll get to that in a minute. As you know, Helena Bonham Carter is also in the movie. So this is what Annie posted on Instagram:

That post has since been removed. And replaced with this one:


It never occurred to me I was pitting anyone against each other. Not my style. Peace x

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Was it really all that “unintended” though? I mean the comparison is right there. It’s on the table. It’s NAMED. And I get it. I get that she’s trying to be like, hey, instead of aspiring to Kanye West’s wife and all 80 of her siblings, on makeup tips and style tips and apps and lip colours and whatever the f-ck, how about appreciating the unique talent and fresh inimitable vibe of HBC?

She totally could have done that without referencing that family though and, as she said, “pitting anyone against each other”. But she didn’t. So does calling it an accident make it any better?

I’d rather she just own it. Either own it like, yeah, I think in these times of social media narcissism, we aren’t paying enough attention to artists like HBC or own it like, sh-t, you know what, I f-cked up and I’m gonna have some conversations with myself about why this happened. Because fronting like it was never meant to happen, trying to scrub it away, bury it under a weak explanation, doesn’t advance any meaningful discussion.

Here’s another problem I have with it – Annie Hathaway just told me that she reads her comments. And reacts to them. Is therefore influenced by them. It’s the ongoing evaporation of the celebrity illusion, the narrowing of the distance between celebrity and civilian. There was a time when we couldn’t touch them. They existed on a plane far removed from us, where we could let our imaginations and our fantasies live. Now? They’re so close. Close enough for us to actually affect, making it harder and harder for us to buy into their special. 

The dress she wore last night was special though. I love it. I love the stripes under the floral pattern. I love the fit on her. And I especially love the straps, falling like laurel off her shoulders. She’s into herself in this dress. You can tell. It’s how a good dress should make you feel.