Happily married comes in all shapes and sizes. By conventional definition, both spouses are faithful, both spouses expect fidelity, and when all goes to plan, both spouses adhere to the gameplan…happily ever after. There are however some couples who can make it work by a different playbook – typically called an Open Marriage when one or the other or both can explore outside the marital bed boundaries but remain committed spiritually, emotionally, and most importantly…financially. Such is the case with Her and her Famous But-not-as-Famous Husband. On the heels of a career rejuvenation of sorts, partners now both on and off screen, a true family at last, our A-list wife is experiencing a sexual awakening not entirely satisfied by her spouse. Instead, she has set her sights on a number of periphery players, most recently an employee of sorts – the only problem is that the employee is engaged and, truth be told so he says, isn’t really interested in stepping out on his bride-to-be with his Actress Boss…but isn’t that the definition of sexual harassment in the workplace? Unfortunately, the Actress Boss isn’t taking no for an answer and much to his Fiancee’s horror, Actress Boss has taken to texting the object of her desire repeatedly – texts so explicit and so detailed and so full on horny and actually so really, really hot, regular readers of Hustler would have a hard time not blushing. And the worst part? The Fiancee, poor girl, found them. She read them, she hit the roof, she wants to call off the wedding but he keeps pleading innocence and harassment. At the start of what might be a promising career, saying NO could jeopardize his future – at least that’s his excuse. Oh yeah – and he also says the Actress Boss could just be “method acting” – deliberately crossing the line to bring out a more authentic performance which sounds to me like a dude who wants to keep his job and his pecker inside his job. Lame joke yes…but couldn’t resist. Please forgive? And it’s not Anne Heche.