Two actresses – one a veteran, in the third act of her career, the other an ingénue, perhaps trying to terminate the first act of her career to begin a long, long second act that will see her emerge from underneath the heavy weight of a beloved literary character to embody a new roster of characters that will truly test her talent. If that is she can be anything other than Hermione Granger.

Annette Bening and Emma Watson both chose one shoulder gowns at the BAFTAs, both light, both gorgeous. Portman’s win at the BAFTAs may have totally shut down Annette’s chances at Oscar, but there are still 8 days left before voting closes. Stranger things have happened although… hope is indeed dwindling.

As for Emma, she was out a lot this weekend celebrating the year in British film. And everyone wanted a piece of her. Including Harvey Weinstein. More on this later. But it’s not like you didn’t see it coming. I do love that she’s keeping this hair for a while. That she’s not all like, ok I’ve tried it, I want to grow it out again now. She’s so not like the others, in so many ways, the least of which, obviously, is hair, but that too.

Photos from and Dave Hogan/Ian Gavan/