Written by Duana

I’d like to apologize to you all for my overuse of CAPSLOCK last night on the liveblog and this morning. When I get a little excited and Lea Michele about the whole thing, the only way I know to express it is through caps.

But there were a lot of highs and lows to celebrate. Most of them sartorial. So when something as banal as ‘women getting along’ happens, it really doesn’t get much play or many caps.

If you’ve seen The Kids Are All Right you know that that script was good and all, but the movie was made based on the relationship between Annette and Julianne and their utterly believable characters and partnership. So it’s amazing to hear that they were two of the driving forces behind it, that Julianne fought to have it made where she needed it to be, or where Annette did (…?) The power of a good girl friendship is that I forgot about that thing that Moore draped on her body – and so did Bening. They give the impression of an older and younger sister duo – standing to the side when Kids won, so delighted, in that awkward little hug.

This is the best part of what this business does – it makes families out of strangers or acquaintances. It makes you love people for who and what they are, even if their husbands are legendary womanizers, or they have really strange taste in clothing. It bonds you together in a moment, and you can withstand other things – including being trumped by a truly inferior movie.

Why can’t Hollywood have more of this? Truly, it’s my soapbox moment so bear with me, but why are we always searching and praying for ‘the girl’ in our movies and TV show? This was about two women and their stories, but it could have been about two people, right? A straight couple, a gay one? Why can’t we put more women in more awesome roles, and accept that occasionally, still-awesome men like (my passion) Mark Ruffalo are doing support work instead of a lead?

Would that be so hard?

Photos from Kevin Winter/Michael Caulfield/Christopher Polk/Gettyimages.com