I like this title because it reminds me of her performance in one of my favourite movies The American President, when she tells the President, after he screws her on an environmental bill, that:

Mr. President, you've got bigger problems than losing me. You just lost my vote.

I should buy it on DVD.

Anyway, on the subject of voting and Annette Bening, well, it’s award season, and last night she was in New York, accompanied by Warren Beatty, picking up her Best Actress honour from the New York Film Critics Circle for her performance in The Kids Are All Right. As you know, Annette is expected to go head to head against Natalie Portman for the Oscar. And so far it’s been Natalie working the circuit, openly campaigning for the prize.

I wonder, given her past two losses to a much younger Hilary Swank, if Annette is just over it now. And, as such, whether or not that will end up working in her favour. Straight up between the two of them, on my ballot there’s no question: Annette all the way.

To celebrate Michael Douglas’s good news, why not another look at The Speech:

“Bob's problem isn't that he doesn't get it. Bob's problem is that he can't sell it!”

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