“These are incredible people of our time, involved in this effort to make Africa better, to get Africa self-sufficient, and to try to get rid of aids on the continent."

Shot by Annie Leibovitz on 20 different covers – 21 major names posing for Africa like a “visual chain letter” promoting awareness and discussion about the future of Africa.

Leibovitz likened the process to a dinner party and deciding where to seat guests, and with her incomparable eye, she has created some astoundingly beautiful portraits and some inadvertently hilarious ones too.

My favourites are attached, some with commentary.

Ali and Obama: Like any daddy’s girl, I adore everything he adores. Dad gave me The Beatles, anguish for John Lennon, appreciation for Pele, and love for Ali.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu & Brad Pitt: Brad interviews the archbishop in the magazine – quite an honour. You will note that the archbishop is posing with George W Bush and also with Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt and Djimon Hounsou: did your panties come off? Really too bad, non? How can Djimon Hounsou lower himself to Kimora Lee Simmons???

Maya Angelou and Madonna: I know Madge is trying to be… inspired in this photo but all she does is end up looking horny. And whispering in Maya’s ear. Almost sacrilegious, don’t you think?

Oprah and George Clooney: not a big fan of Oprah. And, to me anyway, she photographs fake – this is another good example. Looks like she’s been photoshopped swooping onto George’s shoulder…

Don Cheadle and Iman: he is the hotness. SOOOOOO hot. When we saw him in Cannes hanging out after the Oceans gala at the Hotel du Cap, he had his shirt unbuttoned at the collar, hands on his hips listening intently to a friend, so confident and self assured, it’s no wonder why they talk about Don Cheadle like they talk about Don Cheadle. I love Don Cheadle.

For all covers and the captions, click here.